Mollborn and Peek Comment on Boulder County's Personal Responsibility Message

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March, Boulder Country Public Health Executive Director, Jeff Zayach has made his message to the Boulder community very clear: personal responsibility can stop the spread of the virus. "Whether we think it’s an effective message or not, it really does come down to people taking responsibility for those precautions,” Zayach says. Governor Jared Polis has also stressed the same public health policy, however researchers Stefanie Mollborn, Interim Director of IBS, and Lori Peek, Director of the Natural Hazards Center, question the effectiveness of this message. Mollborn states that “Public health measures that have tended to work throughout the years are things that individuals can’t affect." Peek follows up with that by stating "It’s hard because we all have different factors that are influencing our sense of personal responsibility, and what does that really mean in the context of a pandemic?” To read more thoughts on public health policy and personal responsibility read the full article here or on the Daily Camera's website. 


Article written by Ciara Coughlan, IBS Student Assistant, PoliSci '21