Amanda Carrico: Environmental Stress and Migration in Bangladesh

When: Thursday, February 22nd 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm
Where: 155B
Who: Amanda Carrico, Environmental Studies, University of Colorado-Boulder

The question of how climate change drives temporary and permanent human migration has been the focus of much research in recent decades. As a densely populated low-lying nation, Bangladesh is an especially important context to explore the relationship between migration and environmental change. In this talk, I will discuss findings from the Bangladesh Environment and Migration Survey (BEMS), which collected retrospective history data from Bangladeshi households in 2014. I will examine how internal and international outmigration have evolved over time in this region. I will focus specifically on the relationship between extreme weather and outmigration, and how the existence of social ties to other migrants moderates this relationship.

Sponsored By: CU Population Center