IBS Seminar, Hosted by E&S: "Which Legislators Pay Attention to Other States' Policies"

When: Thursday, February 14th 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm
Where: IBS 155B
Who: Chinnu Parinandi, UCB, PoliSci

Title: Which Legislators Pay Attention to Other States' Policies? Comparing Cosponsorship to Floor Voting in the Diffusion of Renewable Portfolio Policy.

Abstract: Existing diffusion research has focused predominantly on analyzing collective decision-making at the adoption stage. Here, we evaluate diffusion at the level of the individual legislator and examine whether external cues play a stronger role in legislator decision-making when in cosponsorship versus adoption via floor voting. Leveraging data on successful and failed efforts across the U.S. states to adopt renewable portfolio standards, we show that the external cue of ideological similarity matters more for the diffusion of RPS policy at adoption stage than cosponsorship. The result reveals that interdependence works differently at different points of the lawmaking process. We suggest that scholars analyze diffusion comprehensively and that they look at diffusion or the strength of interdependence throughout the policy-making process rather than solely at the floor voting or adoption stage.

Bio: I am assistant professor of political science at the University of Colorado at Boulder. I work on the political economy of energy policy and specifically investigate how institutional features of the political process influence energy policy outcomes. My work has been published in Energy Policy and the Journal of Public Policy among other venues, and I am working on a book project about renewable energy policy in the U.S. states.