Interdisciplinary Professional Socialization Seminar

Supporting the development of graduate and postdoc training in the areas of research, funding, professionalization, interdisciplinary research, and networking.

Fridays from 11 AM to 12 PM in IBS 150. Drop-ins welcome! Coffee and light lunch provided.

Spring 2020

January 24
How to navigate the first years of grad school—asking questions and developing a research agenda, Dr. Carew Boulding (Political Science; IBS)

January 31
Writing a Book and Talking to Editors, Dr. Justin Kirkland (University of Virginia)

February 14
Forming a Dissertation Committee and Dealing with Difficult Faculty, Dr. Jennifer Fitzgerald (Political Science) and Dr. Rachel Rinaldo (Sociology)

February 21
Getting a Non-Academic Job, Dr. Shwanna Mullenax (PSB Research) and Dr. Stefan Wojcik (Twitter Research)

February 28
Dissertation Grant Writing: The Front End, Dr. John O'Loughlin (Geography; IBS)

March 6
Dissertation Grant Writing: Writing the Methods and Analysis, Dr. Stefanie Mollborn (Sociology; IBS)

March 13
Dissertation Grant Writing: Justifying a Budget, Anni Magyary (IBS)

April 3
Writing and Publishing, The Basics, Dr. Chris Federico (University of Minnesota)

April 10
Letters of Recommendations: Do's and Don'ts, Dr. Jason Boardman (Sociology; IBS)

April 17
CV Workshop (all are invited to participate).
Conveners: Anand E. Sokhey, Associate Professor, Political Science/IBS Fellow ( and Kim Truong-Vu, Graduate Student, Sociology/IBS (