Mara Goldman

Associate Professor of Geography, University of Colorado Boulder
Faculty Associate, Institute of Behavioral Science
Ph.D., Geography, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Campus Office:

Department of Geography

University of Colorado Boulder

Guggenheim Room 102a

260 UCB

Boulder, CO 80309-0260

Research Interests:

Goldman's research is situated in human-environment geography and can best be described as political ecology with a focus on questions of empowerment, access to resources, knowledge, and decision-making processes. Specific research projects focus on the following overlapping areas: the politics of wildlife conservation (knowledge and practice); the politics of participation and knowledge regarding natural resource management and development; changing resource governance, knowledge, and ecologies as related to climate change in semi-arid rangelands; the gendered dynamics of resource access and use, and women's empowerment processes. Her work is based in East Africa, specifically with pastoral/agro-pastoral Maasai communities in Tanzania and Kenya. She is co-editor (with P. Nadasdy, and M.D. Turner), of Knowing nature: Conversations at the intersection of political ecology and science studies. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2011.