IBS Publications

Title Creator Date
To help or to harm? Food stamp receipt and mortality risk prior to the 1996 Welfare Reform Act Krueger June 2004
Trends in educational attainment by race/ethnicity, nativity, and sex in the United States, 1989-2005 Everett 2011 Sep
Trends in the educational gradient of U.S. adult mortality from 1986 to 2006 by race, gender, and age group Montez 2011 Mar
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Stagnating life expectancies and future prospects in an age of uncertainty Denney 2013 Jun
Using surname data in U.S. Puerto Rican mortality analysis Rosenwaike 1991 Feb
Wealth, race, and mortality Bond Huie 2003 Sep
Strong compounding effects of multiple risks during pregnancy on birthweight and infant survival Powell-Griner 1987 Oct
Toward a reformulation of the neonatal mortality rate Poston 1985
Underlying and multiple causes of death related to smoking Nam 1994 Sep
Neighbourhoods and homicide mortality: An analysis of race/ethnic differences Krueger 2004 Mar
Religious involvement and mortality risk among African American adults Ellison 2000 Nov
The relationship between major depression and nonsuicide mortality for U.S. adults: The importance of health behaviors Saint Onge 2014
Social, behavioral, and biological factors, and sex differences in mortality Rogers 2010 Aug
Race/ethnic and sex differentials in pulse pressure among U.S. adults Rogers Fall 2005
Religious involvement and adult mortality in the United States: Review and perspective Hummer 2004 Dec
Religious attendance and cause-specific mortality in the United States Ellison 2010
The nonlinear relationship between education and mortality: An examination of cohort, race/ethnic, and gender differences Everett 2013 Dec
Sociodemographic characteristics of long-lived and healthy individuals Rogers 1995 Mar
Religious involvement and U.S. adult mortality Hummer 1999 May