IBS Publications

Title Creator Date
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Major league baseball players’ life expectancies Saint Onge 2008 Jul 17
Infectious diseases -- New and ancient threats to world health Olshansky 1997 Jul
International handbook of adult mortality Rogers 2011
Major league baseball career length in the 20th century Witnauer 2007 Aug
Lifetime abstainers and mortality risk in the United States Rogers 2013
Neighborhood social context and racial differences in women's heart disease mortality LeClere 1998 Jun
Marriage, sex, and mortality Rogers 1995 May
Introduction Rogers 2011
Nativity, duration of residence, and the health of Hispanic adults in the United States Cho 2004 Spr
Living and dying in the USA: Behavioral, health, and social differentials of adult mortality Rogers 2000
Alternative estimates of Mexican-American mortality in Texas, 1980 Sullivan 1984
Education and health among U.S. working-age adults: A detailed portrait across the full educational attainment spectrum Zajacova 2012
Demographic and socioeconomic links to cigarette smoking Rogers 1995 Spring