IBS Publications

Title Creator Date
Ethnic differences in smoking patterns: Findings from NHIS Rogers 1988 Jul
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Demographic, socioeconomic, and behavioral factors affecting ethnic mortality by cause Rogers 1996 Jun
Ethnic-differences in infant-mortality: Fact or artifact Rogers 1989 Sep
Adult mortality Poston 2005
Assessing the accuracy of neonatal and postneonatal mortality: A comparison of cause-and period-specific infant mortality rates Rogers 1986 Win
Adult suicide mortality in the United States: Marital status, family size, socioeconomic status, and differences by sex Denney 2009 Dec
Educational differentials in US adult mortality: An examination of mediating factors Rogers 2012
Historical trends in height, weight, and body mass: Data from U.S. Major League Baseball players, 1869-1983 Saint Onge 2008 Dec
Adult mortality differentials associated with cigarette smoking in the USA Hummer 1998 Jun
The effect of obesity on overall, circulatory disease- and diabetes-specific mortality Rogers 2003 Jan
Individual and contextual risks of death among race and ethnic groups in the United States Bond Huie 2002 Sep
Comparing mortality estimates based on different administrative records Rogers 1997 Jun
Extending epidemiologic transition theory: A new stage Rogers 1987 Fall
Glitch in the gradient: Additional education does not uniformly equal better health Zajacova 2012 Dec
The effects of family composition, health, and social support linkages on mortality Rogers 1996 Dec
Adult mortality differentials among Hispanic subgroups and non-Hispanic whites Hummer 2000
Conclusion Rogers 2011