IBS Publications

Title Creator Date
The effects of legal processing on delinquent orientations Ageton 1974
Changing patterns of cigarette use among white and black youth, US 1976-2003 Aguilar 2007 Sep
Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by forest protection: The transaction costs of implementing REDD Alston 2011
Payment for environmental services: Hypotheses and evidence Alston 2013
Who talks with whom? The role of repeated interactions in decentralized forest governance Andersson 2004 Feb
Cómo hacer funcionar la gestión forestal descentralizada? Andersson 2005
Can decentralisation save Boliva's forests? Uncovering the institutional incentives for municipal governance of forest resources Biermann 2002
Understanding decentralized forest governance: An application of the institutional analysis and development framework Andersson 2006
What motivates municipal governments? Uncovering the institutional incentives for municipal governance of forest resources in Bolivia Andersson 2003
Local governance of forests and the role of external organizations: Some ties matter more than others Andersson 2013 Mar
Commentary - Responding to "A new look at comparative public administration: Trends in research and an agenda for the future" Andersson 2011 Nov
Motivational dilemmas in collaborative learning activities: The case of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) Andersson 2009 Dec
Inequality, local institutions, and environmental change Selle 0000 forthcoming
Inequalities, institutions, and forest commons Andersson 2011 Aug
Incentives for contractors in aid-supporting activities Gibson 2005
Decentralized governance and environmental change: Local institutional moderation of deforestation in Bolivia Andersson 2007 Win
Information use and abuse in the local governance of common-pool forest resources Andersson 2004
Institutional innovation and adaptive management: Learning from Bolivia's decentralization experiment Light 2004
FAO and indigenous groups Andersson 1996
Analyzing decentralized resource regimes from a polycentric perspective Andersson 2008 Mar