IBS Publications

Title Creator Date
Genetic and social interactions Daw
The relationship between education and health among incarcerated men and women in the United States Nowotny
An open geogemographic classification of the United States Spielman
The MAOA genotype and longitudinal delinquency among males in the United States: The moderating role of parental closeness and parental incarceration Roettger
Drinking problems and mortality risk in the United States Rogers
The sequencing of a college degree during the transition to adulthood: Implications for obesity Miech
Understanding the impacts of aggregation while accounting for spatial non-stationarity: The case of migration models Maclaurin
Postmortem presence of drugs and method of violent suicide Sheehan
Genetic influences on preferences for and use of preventive and medical care Wehby
Inequality, local institutions, and environmental change Selle 0000 forthcoming
Gender differences in swimming ability: A dimension of climate vulnerability Hunter 0000 forthcoming
The natural resource context of the African HIV/AIDS pandemic Hunter 0000 forthcoming
Putting knowledge to work for sustainable development Matson 0000 forthcoming
Decentralization and Deforestation: Comparing Local Forest Governance Regimes in Latin America Duit 0000 forthcoming
Migrant health vulnerability through the migration process: Implications for health policy in Mexico and the United States Martin 0000 in
Delinquency and perceived opportunity Elliott 1962
The multiregional matrix growth operator and the stable interregional age structure Rogers 1966
Dropout and the social milieu of the high school: A preliminary analysis Elliott 1966
A Markovian policy model of interregional migration Rogers 1966
Delinquency, school attendance and dropout Elliott 1966