CTC Video Tutorial Update and Planning

Description: Rachel Lambert
rachel.lambert@colorado.edu 17205196256
The purpose of the CTC Tutorial Update and Planning meeting is to confirm continued buy-in of the project. Sharing the first completed video and providing a forum for discussion, eliciting ideas for moving forward, and receiving approval for the next steps are ways to confirm the team feels included and has ownership over the project.
Confirmation status: Confirmed
Room: Meeting Rooms - Meeting Room/Lab 150
Start time: 02:00:00PM - Tuesday 03 September 2019
Duration: 1.5 hours
End time: 03:30:00PM - Tuesday 03 September 2019
Type: Internal
Created by: brbl2529
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Last updated: 02:49:24PM - Thursday 29 August 2019
Repeat type: None
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